The Lost World in Indonesia


The scientists claimed that they had found the 'lost world' where several species of animals that have not been found there including the giant frogs and rats with body size of cats. The expedition conducted by the BBC exploring the giant crater of a volcano located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea to make a documentary Lost Land of the Volcano.
Accompanied by the first biologists who never set foot in the crater, the research team was filmed strange spiders, worms and giant kangaroos that live in trees. Meanwhile, mice that were on the island reach 81cm in length from nose to tail and weighing up to 1.3 kg.

Mount Bosawi crater with a depth of several feet hardly ever touched by human hands since 200.000 years ago erupted. The team including researchers from the London Zoo and Oxford University estimated the first people who entered the crater.
Expedition leader, Dr George McGavin said, "It's incredible surprise. It's time we lowered his hands and decided these habitats deserve to be saved." In these craters they discovered 40 new species including 16 species of frogs, a species of geckos, 3 species of fish, 20 species of insects and spiders and one species of bats.
Apart from a few animals there are also other animals. Animals were among the beautiful birds (birds of heaven), Bowerbird, small frogs and birds other. Included in the animals that may have become extinct, then came back and finding a new animal.


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