Sleep On Ice Hotel

holiday on ice hotels

Imagine a hotel built from snow and ice by the artists. Rooms are lovely and cool and cold. You sleep in thermal sleeping bag in a warm bed made from blocks of ice on top with a thick mattress and reindeer skin. You could be in a simple snow room, or in a room full of ice sculptures. You are at the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

ice hotel

ice hotel

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The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

normann copenhagen
The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen (Denmark)

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Visit Stockholm in The Bridge

hotell stockholm near bridge
The Bridge in Stockholm, Sweden

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Travel Japan at Fuji Mount

mt fuji tour in japan

Mount Fuji is a symbol of the country and the highest point in Japan. One of the Seven Wonders in Japan than Shinkansen, Himeji castle, and so on. For tourists, visiting Mount Fuji is a must when it is in Japan. Will also be seen from Tokyo on a sunny weather. Usually more or less 200,000 people climb this mountain every year. The most common in July and August. Enjoy the next Japan tour and a few pictures.

mount fuji tour with swan

36 views of mt fuji

hiking mt fuji pictures

mt fuji maple grove sky

mount fuji hotel

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