Sleep On Ice Hotel

holiday on ice hotels

Imagine a hotel built from snow and ice by the artists. Rooms are lovely and cool and cold. You sleep in thermal sleeping bag in a warm bed made from blocks of ice on top with a thick mattress and reindeer skin. You could be in a simple snow room, or in a room full of ice sculptures. You are at the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

ice hotel

ice hotel

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The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

normann copenhagen
The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen (Denmark)

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Visit Stockholm in The Bridge

hotell stockholm near bridge
The Bridge in Stockholm, Sweden

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Travel Japan at Fuji Mount

mt fuji tour in japan

Mount Fuji is a symbol of the country and the highest point in Japan. One of the Seven Wonders in Japan than Shinkansen, Himeji castle, and so on. For tourists, visiting Mount Fuji is a must when it is in Japan. Will also be seen from Tokyo on a sunny weather. Usually more or less 200,000 people climb this mountain every year. The most common in July and August. Enjoy the next Japan tour and a few pictures.

mount fuji tour with swan

36 views of mt fuji

hiking mt fuji pictures

mt fuji maple grove sky

mount fuji hotel

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Verla Groundwood and Board Mill

Verla Groundwood and Board Mill

Verla Groundwood and Board Mill

Verla Groundwood and Board Mill

Verla Groundwood and Board Mill

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Paula Rego Museum Store

high museum of art

museum store

museum shop

Paula Rego Museum Store

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Aquatica Water Park of Dedeman

Aquatica Water Park

Located in Turkey which is one of the resort's first water park here. Has some features, such as the Big Hole, Black Hole, Multi Slide, Giant Slide, Crazy River, Hydro Tube Activity Pool, Wawe Pool, Jacuzzi, etc.

Aquatica Water Park 2

Aquatica Water Park 3

Aquatica Water Park 4

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Dublin Tourism for Twenty-Four Hours

St. Patrick’s cathedral hill hotel

This is very impressive like a cathedral hill hotel. Famous of these buildings is the Marsh Library, the oldest libraries in Ireland.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle like a palace that has characteristics of an imposing building. You can see it more closely, go to the castle yard. Here are pictures!

kilmainham gaol historical museum

guinness storehouse dublin

Dublin Writer’s Museum

Trinity College

National History Museum

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Corner of the old city of Madrid, Spain


City of Madrid, Spain is providing such a beautiful atmosphere for the traveling connoisseur. There are many old buildings that characterize a typical European buildings. Here we can show some corners of Madrid.

hoteles madrid

hostales madrid

alquiler madrid

callejero madrid

hoteles baratos en madrid

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Various Unique in Macquarie Island

pinguin Macquarie

In the spring there are more than 3.5 million sea birds, but most of penguins and elephant seals (80,000) who withdrew to the coast line. Many coastal rocks used to breed these animals. This place is like a watery land, located at the southeast corner of the earth end of the Pacific (halfway between Australia and Antractida).

macquarie prime island

Macquarie islands

Macquarie islands

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Historic Old Town of Valencia

hotel valencia san antonio

Valencia is usually synonymous with seafood, history, paella and of course football. Also, most famous for its distinctive orange. Valencia is located around the Mediterranean coast, which is precisely located in the middle of the beach. Here are a few churches are old and museums are still good.

In this place a lot of great architecture found, as in the Plaza de la Virgin. In the plaza, there is the Cathedral of Valencia with Gothic architecture. In addition to these classical buildings, the most interesting of all is that streets wide and clean. The streets were also the ancient winding with a few typical Spanish-style buildings are identical to the big doors, windows and balconies.

hotel valencia city

cathedral hill hotel

house for rent in valencia

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Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

front of rome apartments

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Underground Places in The City of Paris

underground location paris city

Paris tourist area interesting one is where the land, the Catacombs of Paris, the Paris Crypt, and the Paris sewers. Paris is a big city with a long history. From this city had always been dealing with waste, but in those days was not a problem. All these waste and pollution that have entered into the Seine River.

Over time, the river is increasingly becoming polluted. For that, the government built canals and drains. It also began the treatment plant so that the atmosphere becomes more beautiful city, and no smell. The city has a sufficient pipeline length, which is approximately 2100 km. This is a big thing in the world of waste water per day, the correspondence between 1.2 million cubic meters.

in paris city

underground shelters of paris

underground location paris

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Outside Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

the view from mountains

Cloud Forest is a dense forest and beautiful. Some kinds of plants are there, starting from the tree-tall trees, crawling up plants in the tree. More beautiful when seen from above the mountains. Forest seemed paradise in this world. Here's a picture that we can serve!

view of cloud forest

cloud forest

cloud forest park

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