Countries with the largest Muslim population

1. Indonesia (182.570.000 peoples)

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. Although 88% Muslim population, Indonesia is not an Islamic state. Muslims in Indonesia is also known by its moderate and tolerant. In the year 30 Hijri or 651 AD, only about 20 years ago from the death of the Prophet Muhammad, Caliph Uthman ibn Affan RA sends delegation to China to introduce Islamic Daula recently stood. In the journey which took four years, the delegates turned out to Uthman had stopped in the archipelago. A few years later, in 674 AD, the Umayyad dynasty had established trading stations on the west coast of Sumatra. This is the first encounter with the Islamic population of Indonesia. Since then the Muslim sailors and traders continued to arrive, century after century. They buy the produce of the land is green while preaching.

2. Pakistan (134.480.000 peoples)
Pakistan is a country located in South Asia, with population data of more than 150 million inhabitants, Pakistan name taken from the prefix of Punjab, Afghan, Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan. Whereas in Persian means Mr. Stan sacred and meaningful so that the founders of Pakistan expect a pure state according to Islamic teachings.

3. India (121.000.000 peoples)
Islam is the second religion of the second largest after the Hindu religion (80.5%). There are approximately 174 million Muslims, 16.4% of the population. Since the introduction into India, Islam has made religious donating, art, philosophy, culture, society and politics to history, heritage and life of India.

4. Bangladesh (114.080.000 peoples)
Islam is the largest religion of Bangladesh, the Muslim population of more than 130 million and is nearly 88% of the the total population, based on 2001 census. Islam came to Bengal region since the 13th century, mainly by
the arrival of Arab traders, Persian conquest daerahl Saints and famous one is holy to Islam, Shah Jalal.

5. Turki (65.510.000 peoples)
Area consisting of modern Turkey has a long Islamic tradition and rich melatar back to the Seljuk era and the beginning of the Roman Empire Uthmaniyyah. Turkish people are the culture and history are Muslims.


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