New Zealand (park south island)


Beautiful gardens become a favorite destination of tourists who visit the city of Christchurch. Lakes, mountains, valleys, and the stretch of coast east coast travelers choice in the southern island of New Zealand. So that makes this country as a New Zealand tourism.

Options tour presenting the beauty of natural landscapes atmosphere equipped European-style architecture of the building can be enjoyed when visiting the city of Christchurch, the largest city in the south island of New Zealand. This country has been renowned throughout the world as a tourist place that has natural beauty.

As long as the eye can see, stretch of mountains, valleys, rivers, forests and grasslands which contrasts to treat for tourists. Another uniqueness in winter in New Zealand when it took place in the European summer.

Therefore the foreign tourists who want to play snow pouring into the country with kiwi characteristic of this animal. I visited the city in New Zealand is the most crowded city in the southern island of Christchurch.

The journey from Jakarta to use two flights choices that take us to the city known as the Garden City, Singapore Airlines via Singapore or Qantas via Sydney. I chose to use Singapore Airline and travel for 10 hours to reach Christchurch.

Before the plane landed, the view from the air has shown how the natural beauty of the land in the southern end of this earth. At about 08.00 am when Christchurch, the plane landed smoothly at Christchurch International Airport is looking pretty crowded.

Christchurch Airport as well as international airports in Europe have adequate facilities. In the vicinity of the airport was a lot of white people to dominate as the officers and workers are busy serving the passengers the plane. Public bus facilities are also available at a cheap price delivered the passengers to the hotel.

When out of the airport, the cold air around 8 degrees Celsius has been "welcomed" as a welcome. I along with several other tourists finally boarded a bus to drive a medium-sized hotel.

Christchurch is a quiet town but the beauty of gardens that appear on the side of the road dominated by a variety of forms. After check inhotel, I immediately prepared myself with cold and camera equipment to immediately see the beauty of this city.

As stock information, I began to wonder to the hotel staff. I get a variety of brochures with additional important information from them to the streets of Christchurch. The city has an icon of a church that became the center of town. Finally, I walked with the map data and sufficient information to travel in this city.


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